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Find an AERD (Samter's Triad) Specialist

What types of doctors treat AERD?

One of the most frustrating things for Aspirin Exacerbated Respiratory Disease patients can be trying to find a doctor who understands the disease and knows what treatments work best. Unfortunately, there continues to be a lack of awareness of AERD and many doctors are not familiar with current knowledge on the management of the disease. AERD is best treated by an allergist/immunologist and a surgical specialist like an ENT working together. Coordinating care between several specialists can be a challenge. The below clinics are ideal because they provide comprehensive care.

Clinics Specializing in AERD 

The AERD Center at Brigham and Women's Hospital

The AERD Center at BWH is located in the Boston area. They're dedicated to treating AERD, raising awareness, and conducting research. You can listen to Dr. Laidlaw's webinar about AERD below.

Scripps AERD Clinic

The Scripps Clinic in San Diego is another group of specialists dedicated to conducting research and providing comprehensive care to AERD patients. Watch Dr. White's "Introduction to AERD" video below and also read his Guide for AERD Patients.

The Penn Medicine AERD Center

The Penn Medicine AERD Center is located in Philadelphia. The medical director, John V. Bosso, MD, is recognized as one of the foremost experts on AERD. Dr. Bosso works with the surgical director, Nithin Adappa, MD, to provide comprehensive care to patients. In the below video, Dr. Bosso and Dr. Adappa answer frequently asked questions from AERD patients. 

Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Sinus & Allergy/Immunology Program

The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN offers multidisciplinary care for AERD patients as well as research opportunities. Their teams are represented by a large group of AERD-dedicated physicians led by Dr. Erin O'Brien in Rhinology and by Dr. Elina Jerschow in Allergy. 

Comprehensive Sinus & Allergy Clinic (CASC)

This is a multi-disciplinary treatment center that specializes in AERD, located in Charlottesville, VA. Dr. Spencer Payne and Dr. Larry Borish are well recognized experts on the disease and work together at this University of Virginia location. 

The Sinus and Allergy Center of Northwestern University

This is another multi-disciplinary center with ENTs and allergists/immunologists working together. Dr. Anju Peters and Dr. Whitney Stevens are experts whose research focuses on AERD.

National Jewish Health

National Jewish Health in Denver, CO is a multidisciplinary center that offers AERD-related research opportunities, aspirin desensitization, and sinus surgery with experienced rhinologists. Dr. Rohit Katial is an AERD expert. 

Vanderbilt AERD Clinic

The AERD Clinic at Vanderbilt University Medical Center is directed by Dr. Katharine Cahill (formerly of the Brigham & Women's AERD Center). This is a comprehensive treatment center with ENTs, an aspirin desensitization program, and clinical trials available to patients with AERD. It is their goal to transform the treatment of patients with AERD in the southeastern US.

Rush University AERD Center 

Dr. Peter Papagiannopoulos, Dr. Bobby Tajudeen, and Dr. Pete Batra direct the AERD Center at Rush University Medical Center. They work with a team of allergists at Rush to provide comprehensive treatment for AERD. 

What if I don't live near one of these clinics?

Don't panic - you can still find help. The clinics listed above are recognized as leaders in AERD treatment, but there are likely other doctors in your area who are knowledgeable about the disease. If you're having trouble locating a doctor near you, please join the discussion in the Facebook Samter's Society Support Group. Another patient may be able to recommend a doctor close to where you live.

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