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AERD Awareness Day 2020 - New Resources

AERD Awareness Day is September 26th! We're thrilled to announce some new printable resources, developed by The Samter's Society in conjunction with Allergy & Asthma Network. AERD: A Practical Guide for Patients and Providers

The practical guide gives an overview of AERD symptoms and treatments with a focus on the patient perspective. What I Wish You Knew

This document was created based on the reports of AERD patients in our Facebook Support Group. Living with AERD is a challenge and it can be difficult for patients to explain what they're going through to others - we hope this document will make it easier.

These are surgery tips from one AERD patient to another. Surgery takes a lot out of you - this document is designed to help patients be better prepared and have the quickest possible recovery.

Feel free to print these resources for your own use and share them with others.

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