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Living Well with AERD Video Project

Mark your calendars - the second annual AERD Awareness day is September 26th, 2019!

This year, we're looking for patient videos to help spread the word about AERD. Videos will be shared on our You Tube page and other social media pages on awareness day and leading up to it.

AERD patient Rhonda explains the video project below!

Video Submission Rules

1. The deadline to submit a video is September 1, 2019.

2. Keep it short - we all have a lot to say about AERD, but please try to keep it under 3 minutes. You can submit multiple short videos if you want to!

3. PLEASE mention AERD Awareness Day in your video - it's September 26th, 2019.

4. Email your video file or a dropbox link to your video to info@samterssociety.org. If you need technical help sending your video, please email us.

Video Topics

The theme of this year's awareness day is "Living Well With AERD." We want to steer away from sharing "health advice" videos and focus more on the impact of the disease and tips for living well despite having a chronic illness. With that in mind, here are some examples of topics you might want to use.

1. How does having AERD impact your life?

2. How do you explain AERD to other people?

3. The importance of having a support system.

4. If you've been part of a clinical trial for AERD, share your experience with that.

5. Self-care tips

6. Talk about why AERD awareness is so important.

7. Talk about why advocating for yourself with your doctors is so important.

8. What are some ways that you manage to live well despite having AERD?

Feel free to come up with your own topic, but be aware that we will screen videos to make sure that they don't contain inaccurate health information and we cannot guarantee that all submitted videos will be used.

Here's a great example video made by AERD patient Pamila.

Making a Quality Video Using Your Cell Phone

You don’t need to use these ideas, but they might help you as you prepare your “Living Well with AERD” video.

1. Your video should be 3 minutes or less – shorter is better - think about what’s most important to communicate and keep it concise.

2. Record your video in a vertical format as that’s best for us to post to social media.

3. Don’t use the phone’s built in camera zoom. Move your phone closer if you need a tighter shot.

4. Light your video. Use lots of light – if you’re shooting inside, add light in front of you to light your face. You can either have electric lights in front of you or face a window – don’t have a lit window behind you.

5. Use the exposure lock. Some phones will automatically focus and expose your shot. This will keep the phone from continually trying to focus on you as you speak.

6. Put your phone in airplane mode while you record – that way you won’t get notifications and sounds as you record.

7. Have the microphone as close to you as possible.

We look forward to seeing your videos!

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